Football player shot in head at a Skopje coffee shop


Martin Janushev, an active football player was shot multiple times in the head and neck as he sat in a popular coffee shop in Skopje’s suburb of Aerodrom.

Martin Janushev, MINA finds is the brother of a police supervisor for an Alpha unit in the Macedonian capital who was recently appointed to the post by SDS’ Oliver Spasovski.

At the moment, doctors are performing multiple surgeries on Janushev, trying to save his life.
It isn’t known what the motives are, however there are already fervent speculations in Aerodrom that Martin Janushev and his brother policeman were part of racketeering mob who took money from local businesses.

Needless to say, with the arrival of SDS in power, there have been multiple murders in Macedonia and this trend will continue. The line between the police and the mafia is now very thin, often the two are functioning as a cohort.

Update: Doctors were unable to save Martin Janushev. He was killed after being shot four times from close range.