For Gruevski most important thing is Macedonia’s rank in business magazines


Two major speeches today… But first, lets cover the “international” speech at the UN by Zajko Zaev. When one hears Zaev speak, sadness overwhelms your body. It makes you want to donate to all sorts of causes … Earlier today, the SDS leader finished a 16 seconds speech at the UN in which (and this is no joke), he condemned North Korea’s leader and forbid him to test rockets in the future! PM Baily made sure he wrote no more than two sentences that Zaev was able to read. Since Zajko can’t read or speak in English, one can assume this is how his statement was written so he could read it: “Aj kondemn Kim Jong Un end hi mast end his AJSIBIEM tests in da fjuchur“. No information whether the Murtino messiah will unleash the power of our forces against North Korea now that they have new boots.

As we finished watching Zaev’s speech at the UN, we had the misfortunes to watch Gruevski’s speech at the fake patriots convention in Skopje.
If we were sad with Zaev, and we always are, we somehow became sadder with Gruevski, even though I was willing to bet that this would be impossible.

For Macedonia’s most popular fake patriot, Nikola Gruevski, it’s not important that his country is falling apart, people are arrested and killed without due process, terrorists are released from prison, the plans for turning Macedonia from a biblical Christian nation into a muslim one, none of this matters… what matters according to the DPMNE is ‘Macedonia’s rank for innovation and economics in the world’.

The city of Skopje must have a research center. This goes for the universities, but also for the political parties and the syndicates. Our economic chambers must also have their own research center. All of these centers must be in constant communication with each other…” says Gruevski adding “Macedonia must be ranked in the Global Index of Innovation in the top 50 in the world“.


At this point we don’t know if the money our fake patriots have earned over the past 10 years are so much that they have lost all connections with reality, but the one thing I can do is revert back to Velinovska statement from two weeks ago – “Macedonia is leaderless, headless, clueless, stateless.” With fake patriots like Gruevski, it’s difficult to argue Velinovska’s assessment of the situation.

  • Goran Stavreski

    I gave up on Macedonia nearly 18 years ago when our sh*t stain of a Government recognized Taiwan. It was at that point that I realized as a country, as people… we are a phucking joke.
    Taiwan bribed few fools with $1m each, and that’s all it took. No conscience, no guts, no brain, no pride, no respect, nothing.
    You can’t have a country this way.