For Hoyt Yee, new Macedonian Govt the best thing that happened in Balkans


The Balkan region must grow up fast before young generations gives up and decides on its own to go to Europe, Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said Saturday at the 12th annual international conference Dubrovnik Forum, entitled ‘Adriatic-Mediterranean Cooperation and Security in Southeast Europe’.

The migrant crisis, he said, has thought us that no country is capable to deal alone with serious challenges, which require coordinated actions, joint responses and in particular preventive measures.

‘We have also learned significant lessons at home after the political crisis in Macedonia. Stability, democracy and rule of law come in one package. A state cannot enjoy a long-term stability if it has fragile institutions. The stability comes with strong institutions, rule of law, independent judiciary, economic prosperity, free media. The new reform Government is working hard to bring the country back to the road to Europe,’ Dimitrov said.

Addressing the conference, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Yee qualified the 27 April incident in Macedonia’s Parliament as the worst and the formation of new reform government as the best event in the Balkan region!

As in previous years, the Dubrovnik Forum covered current international affairs topics. This year’s Dubrovnik Forum focused on the Adriatic-Mediterranean Area, which is, geographically, a meeting point and the crossroads of Middle East, North Africa and Europe. It also tackled the common challenges of security and stability in the Mediterranean and neighboring areas through strengthening of cooperation and fostering dialogue, while, at the same time, addressing the opportunities for concrete and future actions. The event also put emphasis on the developing business opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean region, as well as on the intercultural dialogue, underlining youthโ€™s mobility and education.

At the event’s sidelines Dimitrov had a meeting with Yee, who reaffirmed the US support of Macedonia’s integration with the European Union and NATO, the Ministry of Foreign affairs said in a press release.

  • jj

    When a U.S. State Department official thinks it is best, it means it is worst for the Orthodox Christians and non-Muslims.

  • V.M.

    Hoyt Yee’s statement is important, coming from a guy who spent $15k on escorts in Washington DC.
    They got SDS running the US.

  • es art

    What the good is in having Prime Minister who is under criminal prosecution, ministers that have been convicted for money laundering, and illegal government installed with coup d’etat? Is this a Hoyt Yee’s delusional episode? He should get help and leave Macedonia alone. We need an election. What the Macedonian courts are doing? How can they allow the operation of this illegal Government? All decisions the Government is currently making are illegal. Macedonians should pursue with their legal actions together to stop the operation of this Government as soon as possible! Otherwise, those who installed this Government, will come after sometime, and after they complete the change of the judges, the judicial system and the legislations, and together with the Soros’s trolls will demand damages from the illegal operation of the Government that they installed. Macedonian Government will have to default and we will be worst than Greece. They can do with us whatever they want after that. The USA deep state only wants to get access to the public money of each Government of this world by any means.

  • Tajno Ime

    Shame shame shame.. Trump please please clear the ambassadors/admins once and for all. I really think its just a matter of time until Trump brings all his staff in order. But that will happen. Bye bye Hoyt Yee, bye bye. PS. One thing missing is the photo op from 27 April is that also VMRO put some hansaplast on, hansalplast are cheap to buy and great for posing, wins international respect. Proven! ๐Ÿ™‚ We should buy tons of hansaplast if Zaev is meeting an important politician, maybe even for the next NATO summit, so that they admit us ๐Ÿ™‚