For May 1st, police curfew changed yet again


For the long May Day weekend, the curfew will be imposed every day, starting at 14h and ending at 5h the next day. This will apply to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The issue was hotly disputed with some in the Government demanding a full lockdown of more than three days, but Interior Minister Nake Culev demanding a lighter touch given the reduction in Covid-19 cases.

The youth and the elderly will still be under a stricter regime. Those over 67 can leave home at 5h but have to be back by 11h, while those under 18 can be out between 12h and 14h.

  • jj

    These lock downs & curfews are stupid and haven’t been shown to do any good. Most of the people dying are those cooped up in care centers, nursing homes and similar and these people were never circulating in public in the months or years before they died.
    There is a bigger agenda behind this and they are using this inflated health scare to control people and ruin economies around the world – all to subvert them to a globalist government where everyone is poorer and powerless while the government becomes a total tyranny.

    • neutrinoz

      Gates ante portas.