Former Austrian diplomat: US & NATO are helping Greece erase their annexation of Aegean Macedonia


First Ambassador of Austria in the Republic of Macedonia, Harald Kochi wrote an op ed in the famous “Vienna newspaper” regarding the so called Prespa Agreement and what it means for the historical truth about Macedonia 105 years ago.

According to the Austrian diplomat, the US and their military alliance NATO have an interest in “occupying” Macedonia under the pretenses of false Russian influence.

The surprise on September 30th was great. In the Balkan correspondents and embassies in Skopje, the Brussels elite came to support their government, which was installed by force through a “regime change” by the EU and the United States and supported vigorously in the Soros financed media.

The United States and NATO urgently need to possess Macedonia as a place to round off Russia in order to overcome the “Eurasian chessboard”. – emphasizes Kochi.

Kochi also believes that the Prespa Agreement is a classical cultural genocide of one nation.

The term “Macedonian”, as a term for a self-existing population, along with its language and culture, developed in this area from the great migration of nations, will thus be wiped out. Many call this a cultural genocide. And that’s precisely what it is. – writes Kochi.

The first Austrian ambassador, a longtime friend of Macedonia, also refers to the history and the erasing of the Macedonian identity.

This redefinition of Macedonian identity, history, language and culture is the true goal of Greece, with this outside of Northern Macedonia there will be no Macedonian population, no Macedonian history, language and culture.

In this way, once and for all, the truth about the brutal Greek annexation of Aegean Macedonia in 1913 will be sealed with its non-Greek majority population (Macedonians, Turks, Bulgarians) continuing to have their human rights violatied. Aegean Macedonia underwent a brutal “hellenisation” when the Greeks from Asia Minor in 1923 settled on the basis of the Treaty of Lausanne while all Macedonian toponyms on the territory were changed – the former Austrian diplomat writes.