Former DPNE MP and current analyst Aleksandar Pandov quits party


Aleksandar Pandov, a former DPNE MP and member of the party’s Executive Committee has quit the party due to differences in opinion. Though he didn’t go into details, certainly the main reason is the actual path the party has set itself on which has completely distanced itself not just from its historical roots and ideology, but from everything Macedonian.

Today, Pandov is a political analyst frequently seen on various TV stations debating activists and politicians who support Zaev. During the last debate on pro-Zaev run TV21, Pandov stated he will no longer represent DPNE, and will act as an independent. He will also not engage with DPNE’s membership.

Pandov became well known for being the first political analyst who called for a boycott of the now failed Referendum. In last night debate, the analyst said he will not vote in this year Presidential’s elections calling the actual vote a charade by an illegal Government that needs to be further delegitimized by the public. The only way to delegitimize an already illegitimate Government is not to take part in their elections – explained Pandov. This will only help in keeping Macedonia’s name, a vote would do just the opposite – concluded Pandov.

And so it continues, the DPNE keeps losing their main public faces one, by one. Not many people want to be associated with the party these days, certainly not those maintaining certain level of self-respect.