Former OSCE Ambassador: Terrorists were sentenced to distract public from criminal elections


Senior diplomat, columnist and former OSCE Ambassador Arsim Zekoli in an interview with TV Shenja for their popular “Open Studio” program states the Court sentencing for the Kosovo terrorists was purposely delayed after the elections in order to create the perfect distraction from the criminal elections in which the underground mafia entered in alliance with Macedonia’s police.

– Unfortunately, these things are becoming normal nowdays. The sentencing was cleverly postponed for three days after the elections, this way DUI avoided the wrath at the elections, at the same distracted the public from the massive electoral fraud. There is no question these elections were fraudulent and therefore invalid. The mafia were in alliance with the police – stated Zekoli.

In addition, Zekoli added that these are not his own words, but a Minister in Zaev’s Government admitted that he was under constant pressure from the chief of police, Oliver Spasovski, Zaev as well as from criminals before, during and after the elections.