Fox News: It’s the Macedonians, they are behind everything


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has the highest rated prime-time show on American TV. His guest tonight was British Author Mark Steyn to discuss Hillary Clinton’s bizarre comments on her US Presidential election loss to Trump at the Code Conference.

Steyn correctly notes that Hillary’s tiresome blame game is just more Russian hysteria fake news with a good measure of delusional behaviour.

Is Hillary Clinton really that paranoid of Russia and Putin? Does she actually believe Russia crushed her chances to win the election? Probably not. Hillary is clearly lying to the public.

In a satirical fashion Steyn concludes it’s the Macedonians who are behind Hillary’s loss. “When Putin needs to get his presidential campaign going, who does he call? The Macedonians of course” says Steyn. This is all in reference to few teenagers in Veles who apparently “influenced” Americans on FB to vote for Trump. There isn’t a depth of how low the progressives can go. Hillary’ types started as Marxists, then as Communists, Socialists, Liberals, now Progressives, and the latest is Social Democrats. Different names, same game.

Near the end of the interview Tucker and Steyn discussed Hillary’ allegation that a British data mining company influenced Trump to hire his current senior advisor Bannon and Conway. But if that’s true, says Steyn, the British company then must be working for MI6 who apparently works for the Russians, and who is behind the Russians… the Macedonians, that’s who – says Steyn adding “we need more Macedonian immigrants here”. Tucker responds “They are already here”.

Watch the entire segment, it’ quite good, with excellent satire.

  • LXV

    That’s Killary Rodent Clingon in a nutshell…


  • Goran Stavreski

    The crazy thing is everyone knows Killary’s goons killed Seth Rich, but now Trump is using this to get the Deep State off his back… just imagine, this psychos are controlling other countries…