Frckovski denied Ambassadorial post in USA


Former Foreign Minister and MP Antonio Milososki announced that SDSM official Ljubomir Frckoski could not obtain a security certificate and therefore could not even leave for Washington as ambassador.

In the coming days, the government is expected to withdraw the proposal for nomination of Frckoski as Macedonian ambassador to Washington.

This will be a consequence of the reactions from US Embassy who a few days ago reached Zaev directly through diplomacy, asking if he was really sure that Frckovski could obtain a NATO security certificate, which is a precondition for the exchange of top secret information at the highest level.

Frckovski was connected to the assassination of ex Macedonian president Kiro Gligorov. His ties to Greece’s secret service date back to 1990. Not surprisingly, the Americans don’t want a well known spy and a person who is easily compromised and bought as an Ambassador to their country.

Macedonia’s Minister of Justice Bojan Maricik, as well as the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski publicly failed NATO’s safety verification process.