French Ambassador: Macedonia’s language law has nothing to do with EU agenda


Macedonia has other reform priorities, the Law on Languages ​​is not one of them, it is not part of the European agenda, French Ambassador Christian Timonie told 24 Vesti today.

“It was not desirable to put a European label on the Law on Languages, there was no need for it” French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Timonie said, addressing lies by the SDS junta that somehow Brussels made the request for it.

The ambassador, answering a journalist’s question about the blocking of the Parliament with over 35 thousand amendments of VMRO-DPMNE on this law, said that nothing was started as it should, or in the most appropriate way.

“The assembly does not work as it should,” said Timoni. “The law is not a priority for the European Union,” the ambassador added.

The French ambassador also stated it was shocking for him to watch the ease with which the Government removed MPs immunity and jailed DPNE MPs. Why good is immunity if it can be removed in a second?

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