Fully vaccinated Gibraltar sees 2,500% increase in Covid cases


If you ever needed more proof that the mRNA shots aka “vaccines” make you weaker, here it is.

New “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are said to be spiking in the nation of Gibraltar, despite a 99 percent “vaccine” compliance rate.

According to reports, the number of new Chinese Virus cases in Gibraltar has increased by over 2,500 percent since June 1, which is when the country achieved a 99 percent vaccination rate.

Prior to the Gibraltar government mass vaccinating its people for Chinese Germs, the case rate was low and things were normal (see the following graph). After everyone rolled up their sleeves and got injected, however, sickness and death are skyrocketing.

Despite nearly 100 percent of Gibraltar “fully vaccinated” in accordance with government guidelines, the nation is being locked down once again due to the rampant spread of Fauci Flu among the injected.

At least until September, all large-scale public events are being forcibly canceled. The Gibraltar Ministry of Culture and the Office of Civil Contingencies is also urging all private facilities to do the same.

“The Government calls on private bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to be cautious in the events that they hold, to strictly control numbers and to ensure that clients are vaccinated and have a negative COVID-19 test result,” the government of Gibraltar said in a statement.

“At this point in time the Government is not considering introducing legislation to control catering establishments and nightclubs, but this is of course a possibility should cases continue to rise regardless.”

Recognizing that it is “inconvenient and burdensome” to have to revert back to lockdowns and other restrictions, the government of Gibraltar insists that it is important for everyone to “work together” to fight the “risk of transmission” – even though pretty much everyone is already vaccinated.