German controlled Greece hikes taxes by 40%


“Shock and horror” for taxpayers in Greece – reports daily Kathimerini. Greeks have been hit by yet another tax increase, this time by nearly 40%, says Kathimerini.

The paper emphasizes that the huge tax increase is due from an agreement between the government and international lenders (IMF) in exchange for awarding the country’s latest financial injection.

The data show that taxes are on average increased by 35-40 percent, and in some cases the increase is doubled.

For example, taxpayers with annual income of about 66,000 euros in 2016 paid 21,646 euros, while in 2015 this amount was 10,692 euros.

The new tax changes will affect approximately 2.5 million taxpayers.

The shock is huge and it will not be possible for even those with low incomes to escape from under 800 euros, the newspaper writes, adding that the drama comes from the fact that those who received less money this year will pay more, and those who reported more (over 100,000 Or 200,000 euros in 2016) now have to pay 80% of their profits in taxes.

Sales of apartments/houses in Greece has dropped by a staggering 72% in the past five years. This is due to the massive increase in property taxes. Greeks used to pay next to nothing in property tax, now the average family pays nearly $750 in property tax. If you have more than two apartments, a punishment follows and your taxes are doubled for both properties!

The IMF and Berlin are the new Ottoman Empire. The only difference is the Ottomans were much smarter and did not charge the locals too much in taxes.