German Experts point finger to DUI for Tetovo hospital fire


The German inspection team took their time to arrive to Macedonia, however, it took them literally hours to find the culprit for the Tetovo fire. The German forensic team looked at the roles and responsibilities and placed the blame on the Director of the Tetovo Hospital, Florim Besismi and Artan Etemi for giving the modular hospital a “Pass” even though they knew it wasn’t fire-proof.

In addition, Gzim Nuredini allowed dozens of people to be present at the Covid Center, never followed any of the Covid protocols, allowed relatives and friends to mingle with patients 24/7, even though it was strictly forbidden by law.

Arif Arifi, POZS Tetovo manager signed a document where he attested that the hospital had all the necessary installations for fire protection, when it had none.

Mayor Teuta Arifi signed all inspection documents that the hospital met all the safety standards, however no inspection was done.

Bekim Maksuti, DZOS Director, failed to oversee the work of the PZOS whether the hospital followed all the necessary safety standards.

Ramije Avziu, the chief Inspector whose job is for her team to routinely inspect the safety of the modular hospital, never did any inspection.