Germans give Tsipras and Zaev a Nazi award for renaming Macedonia


Greece’s leftist PM Alexis Tsipras and Macedonia’s illegitimate Government representative Zoran Zaev will be awarded (rather fittingly) a Nazi award by Wolfgang Ischinger, the organizer of the Munich Security conference.

The award named after a German Nazi general “Ewald von Kleist” will go to the duo for a ‘job well done’ in renaming Macedonia and committing the first ethnocide in the 21st century.

Von Kleist was convicted in Yugoslavia and the USSR for war crimes. What an award, eh?

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Meanwhile, in Munich, a meeting between arguably the two greatest minds in the world came to fruition: Zoran Zaev and former US VP and Sr. Deep State employee Joe Biden.

Only good things can come of this meeting. Zaev continues to meet with Obama administration officials who started the name change project.

  • Tony

    Our politicians are agents of Greece
    Wretched and filthy snakes slithering through the stenches of betrayal.
    They are all Kotas, it’s disgusting on how many are snakes.
    The heads need to be cut on all of them.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Exterminate all of them. Retards!

  • neutrinoz

    There are massive efforts to establish bandera in Macedonia. Bali combtar is not enough.