Giving birth at Skopje’s Gynecology Clinic? You may leave without your baby


What happens when you install simpleminded junta in charge of a country? The simplemindness gets translated to all echelons, and yes, this includes the healthcare system where a friend of simpleton Zaev’s wife (Viktorija Jovanovska) was put in charge of the Skopje Gynecology Clinic.

In four months of Jovanovska’s leadership at the Clinic, 18 infants have died, and today, somehow, the hospital managed to “lose” an infant – the parents were told they can’t locate the baby!

The drama unfolded at the Gynecology Clinic after Jovan Volchev from Skopje asked to see the daughter who was born yesterday via a cesarian. After several hours of strolls through the clinic and disputes with the medical staff in an effort to locate the newborn, the doctors eventually showed him a baby which had the last name of Vasilevska, but then the hospital staff crossed out the name and wrote Volcheva!

Jovan couldn’t believe what he saw and told his story to TV Sitel, telling them he has doubts that was his daughter.

– They told me at nine o’clock there aren’t visits, and to come back at a later time. We went back at 10am and then they told me there is no such baby with such last name. Then we came back at 11.30am, and again we were told we could not see the baby because of the mother’s history, what history are these lunatics talking about! Later I went back again and they showed me a baby with a surname Vasilevska, whose baby is that, there were several Vasilevski at the Clinic, they simply crossed the baby’s name and wrote “Volcheva” in front of me. Not even a drunk person would do such a thing, I have doubts these people work at a hospital” says Volchev.

Previously, hospital staff lied to Jovan, told him the baby was with the mother. He called his wife, and she told him she hasn’t see their daughter for a day. Realizing something is very wrong, Jovan called the Skopje police.
Police showed up and took statements from hospital staff and Jovan Volchev.

The Ministry of Health was not pleased that Jovan had called the police to record their incompetence and overall lunacy and according to the latest information have pressed charges against Volchev for being “abusive” towards hospital staff.

Jovan has stated a DNA test now must be done to determine whose child is his.

  • Legenda Patriot

    This does not even happen in third world countries, surely? Are you serious? This is criminal!

  • Goran Stavreski

    Zaeviqi has promised a baby to one of the Ambassadors in Skopje… they pay good money for it.

  • jj

    The hospital should pay all costs of the DNA tests.
    Perhaps it would be safer and wiser these days to have babies at home with the help of a private nurse.

    • Billy

      In Canada and the US many, many women do this at home with a midwife.