Gjorcev: I know 30 US Congressmen, 10 senators


The Macedonian public has asked what are Gjorcev’s qualifications to be a president. Indeed, some (and we’re guilty of this) have joked that the long time DPNE member is well suited for a desk job, because he has never left a desk. Spent over a decade attending University, and these students are typically referred to as MDs, but not our Gjorcev. After his graduation, he replaced the University desk with the one at DPNE and Parliament.

Gjorcev’s wife has received 2,000 euro salary working as an advisor to the Macedonian Government on EU affairs. Who says DPNE and SDS can’t get along? This goes to show you, Gjorcev is a team player.

Others have blasted his shared values which are outside of the Macedonian traditions. His wife is a protestant, so Gjorcev felt he too must be one, and converted. The man has a strong character, what you want in a president. Protected Zaev in Parliament in the middle of a coup, but then volunteered to testify against patriots in Court! Always wants to fit-in will take one for the team, even when the team is not his own.

Gjorcev appears to be making frequent trips to Washington, 2-3/month (?!) due to his second job, a bus-boy at the US State Department.

In his latest FB post, he laid for us all to see his qualifications: And, we’re not going to mince words here: they are impressive!

I know 30 US Congressmen, but met with 10, I know 10 US Senators, but met with 4 now – wrote Gjorcev on his FB profile! He added photos of himself shaking hands with random politicians. How very presidential! This is it for me, vote this man in! Is this what happens when you live in a bubble and refuse to find out what the citizenry really thinks of you?

I’ve had lunch with the Bush family, does this make me the front-runner for Macedonian president – per Gjorcev’s logic?!

  • V.M.

    Since Gjorcev has no shame, I am actually embarrassed for him…

    • Legenda Patriot

      Total fucking moron. His head is so far up his arse he is almost inside out! What a fucking retard? Embarrassment to the human race!

    • neutrinoz

      Don’t be. Embarrassment is actually on baily.

  • Billy

    You know, I’ve wondered about this for months now…. I watched Mickoski speak, now again Gjorcev… it’s clear to me this people are coached, because their stupidity surfaces so much..
    They are employing the same tactic (same coaches?) that Gruevski had… When something bad happened in the country, Gruevski always made sure he is OUTSIDE the country, and he was never responsible, never knew anything.
    During Referendum, during major protests Mickoski was in Pichevo or some faken village. They have the same coaches.. During rename vote in Parliament Mickoski is meeting with Farmers discussing better ways to sell their grapes… Either he is retarded or he has very bad coaching. I think it’s the second, but because he has accepted the 2nd, he has also accepted the 1st.

  • neutrinoz

    But .. but … Stormy Daniels knows more of them. And looks better.