Gjurkovic: Janeva and Zaev are perfect example of destroying a country from within


Macedonian citizens and Gruevski to some extent showed how to protect a country from foreign sponsored colored revolutions. With a counter meeting ten times larger than the foreign sponsored demonstrations, it was a strategic move which delegitimized attempts of the opposition to pretend they are leading a citizen’s movement – says Serbian analyst Misha Gjurkovic for Fakti.rs

Macedonia’s tense situation is closely followed not just by foreign nations who are destabilizing the country, but by nations who themselves are and will be victims of similar scenarios – says Gjurkovic.

Speacial Prosecution Sabotaging Judicial System and Country

Americans and Brits specialize in subverting countries by introducing parallel judicial bodies. Macedonia is a perfect example of this with the introduction of the SPO.

“The SPO and Janeva’s primary role is to sabotage and destroy the Government and the ruling party, in this case the VMRO-DPMNE. The SPO itself was created under pressure from the US as a result of the Przino Agreement, with essentially unlimited budget. Janeva herself was recruited by the US Ambassador, she works for the US and this is well established. This allegedly independent body (SPO) started their work as an additional link to the colored revolution.

Janeva from the beginning was in contact with representatives of the US Embassy and works under their directive. This not surprisingly resulted in Janeva dropping all charges against Zaev, despite him being filmed on video admitting the wiretapped materials were given to him by western intel agency – adds Gjurkovic.

If anyone looks at Janeva’s bio, the inescapable fact is that she has been prepared to be in this role by the American Embassy before the crisis. In 2013 and 2014, although completely unknown, Janeva was sent to the US on an Embassy stipend to “perfect her expertise” whatever that means. After her return, the SPO was born, and she was put in charge of it – says Gjurkovic.

Very shortly after, Macedonian journalists discovered Katica Janeva is a long time member of SDSM, even found her membership card signed by Crvenkovski.

As the crisis deepened Janeva was once again activated right after the elections per Americna-Albanian plan to end Gruevski’s career. It is no accident that Janeva in a recent interview for CIA controlled Deutsche Welle stated Gruevski is the main reason for the fall of Macedonia’s moral values. This is completely nonsensical, as Gruevski is responsible for Macedonian economic revival during a time of crisis unlike the world has seen. However the statement was well crafted by Janeva’s bosses.

The scandalous behavior of the SPO and Janeva’s team shows Washington and Brussels have zero interest in following laws, so called ‘european values’ or anything in between. They will break every imaginable law to realize their geopolitical and business objectives in the country.

Now, the VMRO-DPMNE will of course not extend the SPO mandate. According to the Przino agreement, all four sides (signatories) including the VMRO-DPMNE must sign off for the SPO to continue their mandate. However, Washington will nullify the agreement that they themselves signed and put forward, and will task Zaev’s Government to extend the SPO mandate without the VMRO-DPMNE. This is illegal, but the US Embassy will recognize it as legal.

Janeva for her part functions on a button. When the US Embassy presses the button, she speaks. Last week, Janeva said the mandate of the SPO must be extended. And it’s not just the 3,000 euro salary and the fact her secretary earns more than the Macedonia’s top prosecutor. She claimed that she is overwhelmed with cases, however she has refused to work on any cases related to Zaev, and fired two prosecutors early on claiming the work-load was too small.

Meanwhile, the SPO is crawling with SDSM officials. SPO’s entire staff is from the SDSM, including relatives of current and former MPs.

Zaev himself has leaned all of his weight and is counting on the US Embassy to keep him in power. What he doesn’t realize is that the first time he disobeys a directive, it will be someone like Janeva who will quickly remove him from the position. If anyone has a thick criminal file that can be used against him, it’s Zaev – concludes Misha Gjurisic for Fakti.rs.