Global coronavirus cases soar past 4mn, US accounts for THIRD of confirmed infections


The total number of people that got infected with Covid-19 passed another sombre milestone, surpassing 4 million, with over 1.3 million of those hailing from the US, Johns Hopkins University reported.

Globally, over 4,004,244 people have already tested positive for coronavirus, the university reported in its latest tally update late Saturday.

Almost every third person who had fallen ill with the virus comes from the US, where some 1,305,199 cases have been registered to date.

In terms of the number of the confirmed cases, the US is followed by early hotspots of the disease in Europe – Spain and Italy – as well as the UK. Russia, where the advance of the deadly virus was delayed due to preemptive efforts to stem the outbreak, has climbed to the fifth place with some 198,676 cases.

While the US keeps leading the world in the number of the infected by a large margin, Washington has repeatedly sought to explain the continuous surge in cases by the supposedly unprecedented amount of testing that has been carried out.