Goga Soros in Zaev’s footsteps: I’d support Parliament picking the president


Whatever it takes to circumvent the people… By way of automation, the position of DPNE’s presidential candidate always appears to match the view of the SDS. The DPNE camp via Goga Soros has started scaremongering the public that if it doesn’t pick a president, it will be picked through Parliament.

Both the SDS and DPNE camps for weeks are working together trying to increase voter turnout by any means necessary.

During the first round, ballots were stuffed by both DPNE and SDS. When they got caught, both parties had no comment. Normally, in this type of a situation the opposition would be furious, but not when you’re also stuffing ballots and your presidential candidate was hand picked by Phillip Reeker.

  • neutrinoz

    It is prepared long ago by brUSselss. Currently under table because of semi-elections. It will be pirated first thing after.
    It must be true then: Good jurist does not keep own word.
    Few two-barrels were forcibly ass fingered to pop up in public. Even some that none would expect. Dime Kosturcheto (SJO’s adviser) is just one o them. With math for first graders.
    Common denominator is they are all part of the juristic caste. Same that live lives in luxury on people’s back. Same that made this pirateria possible.
    Yet nurturing Boycott as people’s wrench in long term will deliver results. Have no doubts about it. More and more critical minds will recognize before-and-after twists. Presidential is just a milestone.
    Current criminal upraise goes fully on non elected in brUSselss as their insignia. Like ring in pork’s nose. So if we have to burn brUSselites let it be. Macedonia Eternal.
    Reductio ad supremum = Not my president.
    Simple as that.
    Igor Yug for Dean.
    Simple as that.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Stinking scum, the lot of them. If there was one fatal cure for the lot of them it would be a blessing!