Google blocking search results on “Joe Biden corruption”


Interest in allegations of corruption against Joe Biden, as well as his alleged ties to Burisma, spiked in the month of October according to Google trends, with more people searching for the topics than ever before.

But unlike other search engines, Google fails to display search suggestions  such as “Joe Biden corruption” and “Joe Biden Burisma,” similarly to the way it failed to display negative search suggestions about Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This is despite the fact that the search terms “Joe Biden corruption” and “Joe Biden Burisma” are enjoying a popularity spike in Google trends, meaning that large numbers of people are searching for them.

The chart above shows searches for “Joe Biden corruption” spiked upwards in the month of October.

However, Google is not displaying the search term in its dropdown list of suggestions, instead pointing them to the far less popular search of “Joe Biden corvette.”

Adding another “r” to the search (“Joe Biden corr”) returns no autocomplete suggestions at all.

Unlike Google, competing search engines Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo all feature search terms containing the word “corruption” in their top suggestions.

The same discrepancy can be seen with searches for “Joe Biden Burisma.”

Like “Joe Biden corruption,” the search term “Joe Biden Burisma” is enjoying a popularity spike on Google.

But, once again, this popularity spike is not reflected in its search suggestions, which are blank.

And, once again, other search engines display “Joe Biden Burisma” prominently in their search suggestions.

In the case of all three search engines — Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo — “Joe Biden Burisma” is the top search suggestion for “Joe Biden bur.” In the case of Yahoo, eight out of the top ten suggestions are related to Joe Biden and Burisma.

Google appears to be repeating what it did for the Black Lives Matter movement and what it did for Hillary Clinton in 2016 — it is ensuring that its vast numbers of users are less likely to be directed to a list of negative search results containing bad news about Joe Biden.