Government approves dubious “helicopter rescue” contract with made up Swedish company


The Government confirmed today that it signed the controversial contract with the Swedish SARHEMS company which is supposed to provide medevac services.

A Government source told Alfa TV that the contract was signed following an instruction from Secretary General Dragi Raskovski, who was already pointed out as the driving force behind the deal.

The opposition warned that the company is being allowed to collect enormous sums of money in a country which already has functional helicopter rescue and transportation systems provided by the Interior Ministry and the army. The company that won the contract was registered two weeks before the contract was announced, and even bore the name of the soon-to-be published project associated with the contract, which raised suspicions that it was given inside information and was created for the purpose of the contract.

DPNE warns that the company would be in a position to collect tens of millions of euros given the way the contract is structured, and insists that it is one of the most corrupt deals made by the Zaev Government.