Government of the People is being formed in Macedonia


Stefan Vlahov Micov, Solza Grcheva, Ivica Josifovik, Mirka Velinovska, Elena Misirkova, Aleksandar Stankoski, Aleksandar Klimovski, Jovana Kepeska, Zoran Krstevski, Angel Dzambazovski, Gjorgji Spasov, Stojche Deskovski, Violeta Achkoska, Blagorodna Nikodinovska and Cvetan Gavrovski are the members recommended for the new “Government of the People” which is in the process of its creation, reports Kurir.

One thing must be pointed out here is that, some of the names (for instance Gjorgi Spasov) should not be a part of this organization, if it’s the same SDSM official we’re thinking of.

The massive citizenry movement “For United Macedonia”, “Prerodba”, “Macedonian Manifest”, “Zapri” are all backing and have signed off on the “Government of the People” and their members.

This movement (likely to become a political party) will put itself in function of protecting Macedonian citizenry and national interests. The newly formed organization has already contacted president Ivanov telling him under no circumstance to give the mandate to Zoran Zaev.

– The Government of the People, after president Ivanov is the second defender and barrier who will decisively and responsibly defend the people and Macedonian institutions, now and in the future each time our identity and sovereignty is threatened at home or from outside – says in their communique issued to the press.

The arguments of the Government of the People for not giving Zaev the mandate are: major treason, the Tirana platform, illegal election of Parliament speaker, destroying Macedonia’s relations with its neighbors, stating in foreign countries that Macedonians were Serbs and Bulgarians.

  • Palo Alto

    The unelected officials from EU are the culprit of this mess we are in. I’m kinda sad about EU it started as a noble idea for trade rather than killing each other and now it is a.political conglomerate run by fanatics.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Finally a good idea. Enough of these self serving puppets.

  • aust maco

    yes its time we took over from the thieves traitors and foreigners….we can fight we can win peace again dont fear…………………

  • Palo Alto

    How can I join the movement?

    • Goran Stavreski

      Good question, I bet the people above were carefully selected…

      • Palo Alto

        What that supposed to mean?

        • Goran Stavreski

          Nothing, I bet the joining is by “invite” only…

          • Palo Alto

            Probably but you can try altogether.

  • Goran Stavreski

    I was so happy when I saw Mirka Velinovska’s name… but also Klimovski… This is a very, very good idea, particularly since I see names who have QUIT the SDS even before they became a disease (Grcheva is one of them)…
    Excellent, excellent idea!