Government official: Decision has been made to make Macedonian Orthodox a minority


Macedonia’s state inspector for local self-government Rahim Musliu has stated that all referendums brought on by cities across Macedonia in which they overwhelmingly reject arrival of migrants are meaningless and have been nullified by the Government.

“The decision has been made from outside, the migrants are coming, the demographics of the country will be changed” – stated Musliu at a press conference, rather shockingly admitting that the citizens’ anger should be turned to someone else, as all decisions are made by foreigners who are now in charge of the country.

According to amendment XVII, paragraph 1 of article 115 of the Macedonian constitution, residents of local municipalities have a final say via a referendum or through their locally elected councils on any urban/demographic changes to their local municipalities.

However, the Macedonian Government is once again breaking the constitution.

If Macedonians were half as brave as Syrians, things would have been different…

  • bugmemore

    The decision makers hate Europeans, especially those holding old values, which means having a foundation in Christianity. Therefore European peoples must be partitioned, societies made dysfunctional. Their allies in this endeavour are Muslims, Blacks, and other outsiders, migrated, to breakdown what was the Christians home. Leaving a demographic mix to provide friction and spark future conflicts. They’ll just add petrol.