Government tries to cover up scandals with arrest of ex SDS official who called for boycott


Former high ranking SDS official and GROM party leader Stevco Jakimovski was detained by police in the late hours on Tuesday.
MINA finds, he was arrested for the following reasons:
1. Jakimovski refused to join Zaev’s Government coalition despite being offered large sums of money and benefits. What angered more the Government junta is that GROM’s Chedomir Sazdovski was bribed and moved to the SDSM, but Jakimovski didn’t.
2. Jakimovski publicly stated his party has urged all of its followers to boycott the referendum.
3. In a recent interview Jakimovski called Zaev the most dangerous traitor since 1945.

Jakimovski arrest a good distraction, cover for numerous scandals, Government’s stealing millions in taxpayers money

The police action was allegedly initiated by the financial police, however was led by Lazo Velkovski, a director in the Directorate for Counter Intelligence. Velkovski is tied with an ongoing scandal where he gave a Government vehicle (Range Rover) to his teenage daughter who then used it to go on vacation in Greece with three other teenagers. This is the Government vehicle of the idiot in charge of our counter-intel agency. The Greeks could have bugged it, really do anything to the vehicle while it was vacationing across the border.



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Proliver Spasovski allegedly promised Velkovski would be fired, but here he is arresting Jakimovski, no word why he was detained.

In addition, SDS VP Rada Shekerinska has given 600,000 euros of taxpayers money to a fictitious NGO in Tetovo where SDS official Zoran Shapuric has a controlling stake. Health Minister Venko Filipce has given 20m euro contract to an incognito Serbian citizen who is believed to have organized the protests in Skopje a year ago. Millions of euros in grants were given to relatives and friends of SDS officials…

Jakimovski’s arrest certainly provides an excellent distraction, but they also silenced an individual who couldn’t be bought and was publicly active to boycott the referendum.
The SDS believes they have now put fear into everyone, but instead, they have just angered a lot more people…

Зоран не се согласува со Заев

Зоран Заев е тој што самиот дава предлози за новото име на Македонија

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