Greece asks EU for help in battling fires


Greece turned to the European Union for help after a series of forest fires have enveloped north of Athens.

Some 60 firefighters from Cyprus were dispatched to help 400 Greek colleagues and soldiers who are actively fighting the major fire. Specialized planes and trucks are used to protect homes 45 kilometers north of Athens.

So far 20 houses were burnt down, but fortunately no injuries have been reported.

  • jj

    Despite being part of the EU, Greece only gets support from its Cypriot brothers.
    Greece should ask Russia for help if it gets too much. I am sure Russia would send help right away unless the EU or NATO pressure Bulgaria, Romania and others to block Russia’s help. But Russia can also send help from its naval base in Syria.

  • Its Just Me

    Oh untill EU approves this, arranges meetings, discusses.. it may be too late.

    EU is so slow in my opinion, sadly..