Greece considers “health passports” for 2020 vacationers


Greece’s Minister of Tourism Harry Theocharis said that Greek authorities are mulling the introduction of a ”Health Passport” which will serve as proof that an individual is not suffering from the COVID-19 coronavirus, Greek Reporter reports.

The Minister said that Greece will only have a three-month tourist season this year, between July and September, but added that if the situation develops positively, then the “shoulder season” months of October and November might see an increased number of tourists in the country.

However, the biggest challenge for the tourism-dependent country will be to determine who will be able to enter Greece and how.

Minister Theocharis said that there is an ongoing discussion at the European Union level to determine the ways in which EU citizens will be allowed to go on vacations this year.

Brussels’ aim is to provide a credible test for every individual who wishes to go on summer holidays anywhere in Europe.

This test will have to be conducted by the member-state of origin of the traveler, before he or she boards an airplane or any other means of transport.

It is still unclear at this point whether non-EU nationals will be allowed to visit the country at all this summer or not.