Greece humiliates Macedonian junta, stamps on top of official documents


“Recognized by Greece as fyrom” is a note the Greek delegation stamped over each official document issued to them by the Macedonian Government.

Similar stamp Greece issues to all Macedonian vehicles that enter their country. However, not many expected for this nonsense to be dished out … in Macedonia.

The embarrassment to be even greater, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet sent an official protest note to this ridiculous behavior of the Greek delegation, which once again greatly humiliated the country in which they are guests.

Considering the Greek delegation is aware the combined IQ of the Macedonian government is 7, just about anything is now viewed as normal.

  • Its Just Me

    Good they did not find the constitution…

  • Tedi

    Greeks are good at placing stamps on anything Macedonian with their brand of malakaness. I just can’t wait until Erdogan stamps out the map he has in mind for his Greater Turkey in mind. Keep watch Greece, when you spit up it must come down.

  • Its Just Me

    Yes, I am for Turkey, they will redefine the borders and not only rename Greece, but whipe it out of the map… like ancient Greece

  • Mijak Papra

    Zaev and the other muppets change the name of the airport so that the greeks will land their plane there too visit and change the name of the highway incase the greeks may have decided last minute to drive instead… and they come stamping document’s to add insult to injury. I don’t get it… why do we belittle ourselves… why do we play the role of the begger? Arn’t we tired of it?

  • Tony

    These politicians running our country have no shame they don’t care about humiliation,
    We are a laughing stock in Europe thanks to zaev and co.

  • Its Just Me

    Poor poor Greece, now provoked by Turkey..
    No the EU does not got your back (you did not protect EUs border, remember?)..
    Turkey does not care what EU says.
    How are the border doing? Did the army chief arrive well?
    You need help? We can help you with Turkey if you let us have our Macedonia back..

    • Tony

      As we have seen in the past
      You help these devils and after they will turn on you.

      • Its Just Me

        :))) we will not help, we just want them to beg :))))

  • Its Just Me

    I hope that Zaev soon recognizes Macedonia..