Greece to become Europe’s dumpster for migrants


In talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared that the only way to solve the migrant crisis is to close the borders and remove incentives for the migrants to come to Europe in the first place. Orban also said that Germany should be grateful to Hungary for its border patrol which is armed at some 8,000 strong.

Merkel wasn’t too thrilled with Orban’s perspective on the matter as Budapest is holding firm to their closed border answer to the matter while Germany and other EU nations have struck an agreement to return migrants to whatever country they first registered in.

Budapest and Prague have both declared that they won’t have anything to do with that arrangement. Therefore, Orban declares that migrants should be deported to Greece, which is oftentimes their first port of call in Europe, and Greece sits on the Mediterranean front of the virtual invasion of migrants fleeing war and economic instability.

Ekathimerini reports:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Thursday called for undocumented migrants to be returned to Greece, noting that it is the first country of arrival even if all migrants are not registered there.

He described himself as a “captain” of border protection, shielding both Hungary and Germany, but acknowledged that Budapest and Berlin have different stances on migration.

“Germany and Hungary see the world differently,” he said during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

While claiming to be open to discussions with EU counterparts, Orban said his position on migration has not changed over the past three years.

“We only know one solution: close the borders,” he said, adding that if Europe offers support to refugees, it will be taken as an invitation.

“If people can come, they will come,” he said.

He noted that that Hungary has deployed thousands of police and troops to prevent migrants from entering the bloc through its southern border.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government is asking for its refugees to return to Syria under the guarantee of the protection of the Syrian government, citing the liberation of much of its territory from the hands of Western backed terrorists. The situation for Europe, however, is much like a dodge ball game, and each country is seeking to dodge any responsibility to accommodate any more refugees, casting the ball into the court of some other country, whether a bordering nation or frontline nations like Italy or Greece, some of which have declared that they won’t take them, not even a single one. Then the question becomes, what now? Is Greece to be the dumping ground of Europe? Can the EU field this crisis?

  • jj

    “Meanwhile, the Syrian government is asking for its refugees to return to Syria”

    Most of the migrants in Greece and Europe aren’t even Syrian. Afghans and Pakistanis are the largest groups.
    They should be sent to Turkey – a large Muslim country that is safe and not at war. The skirmishes against the PKK in a relatively small part of Turkey doesn’t apply to the non-Kurdish migrants.