Greece wants removal of Macedonia’s partition from history books


The genocide and expulsion of Macedonians from Aegean Macedonia, the Greek civil war and Macedonia’s partition during the Balkan Wars is what’s on the menu for Athens during their latest ‘talks’ with Zaev’s main historian Viktor Gaber.

Republika and Magazin have informed these items are next for revision, and the Macedonian side has already accepted the terms. What is not clear, is how will the genocide and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Macedonians be portrayed in Zaev’s history books? One possibility is they went on a permanent vacation and out of the goodness of their hearts decided to give up billions of euros worth of homes and land to the Christian Turks being relocated from Asia Minor.

The more realistic scenario that would ‘satisfy’ Zaev’s historians is removing and simply not mentioning any of the fact mentioned above from the history books.

It would be interesting to see how does one remove the Bucharest Treaty from the history books. And also, this guy!

Никос филис отворено кажува – Беломорска Македонија со сила стана грчка.

Posted by Беломорска партија – Belomorska partija on Friday, January 25, 2019

Or this?

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