Greece will offer Cyprus any help it needs to face Turkish threats


Greece will offer Cyprus any help it needs when it comes to facing Turkish threats over drilling in the island’s exclusive economic zone, the country’s Foreign Minister Nicos Kotzias was quoted as saying on Sunday.

In a wide-ranging interview with news site on regional issues, Kotzias touched briefly on Cyprus reiterating that a solution meant ending the occupation and the system of guarantees.

He also referred to UN Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide, after complaining about the envoy in a letter to the UN boss last month. Kotzias said that Eide’s argument that “there can be a kind of four freedoms for Turkish nationals in Cyprus” after a solution was misguided as were Eide’s attempts, he said, to rationalize the notion to EU leaders.

“This has led some people, in attempts to justify it, to consciously make the false claim that a solution is close,” he added.