Greek ‘Borat’ Returns To Explain Phase 2 Of China’s World Domination Plot


After a seven-year absence, having hunkered down following his European Crisis commentary success, Mr. Panos – the Greek ‘Borat’ – explains (with his ubiquitously shocking sense of reality) just what the Chinese are up to… a three-phase plot to dominate the world.

Phase 1 is simple: “make lots of people…”

“…to have enough to run the world… they’re not sexy people so government ordered them to…”

And now Mr. Panos explains Phase 2: “make everything for the world.”

“Hey America, what you need? You need toys? … we will be Santa…The North Pole is in Wuhan.”

Phase 3 to follow…

Remember, under the code of the CCP, the morality of an act is determined by whether it advances or retards the goals of the regime: expansion, conquest and domination…