Greek Court frees intel officials: Macedonia incapable of fair trials


Greece’s highest court has made a decision, no extradition of former Interior Ministry officials Goran Gruojvski and Nikola Boskovski because in Macedonia they will not be able to receive a fair trial, Alfa reports.

The court in Athens will respond negatively to the request of Zaev’s justice ministry to extradite the two officials who found refuge in Greece after the coup. The suspects’ lawyer, Petar Vasilev, said in a statement to Alfa TV that he welcomed the objective decision of the highest judicial body in Greece, pointing out that the court there unlike in Macedonia is making decisions based on following the law.

The court in Athens stated that it can not decide on people who were previously amnestied. It is about the amnesty that President Gjorge Ivanov made two years ago. The court has ruled that once an amnesty decision has been taken, it can not be withdrawn.

For Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boshkovski, proceedings are being brought before the Skopje Court on charges of the illegal SPO for their alleged involvement in illegal wiretapping.

  • Tony

    Do the Greeks take Zaev seriously.
    Full blown spit in his face,
    They well know how corrupted he is.
    Zaev would sell his mother.

  • V.M.

    Greece actually has an independent Court where they follow the rule of law, and yes, this is a massive punch in the face for dbag Zaev.
    The Constitutional Court in Skopje is still reviewing how terrorist Xhaferi was installed as Parliament speaker.

  • Its Just Me

    I start to like the Greeks… :)))

  • vistina

    Hungary grants asylum to Gruevski. Macedonian legal system is not trusted around the world and they think they are qualified to enter EU?