Greek FM: We approve of Makedonija, but not the English version


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias says Greece wants Macedonia to only have the local language for its name, and not the English translation for it.

He points out that it is important that the name in the coinage be in the language of the country, which means without translation, and that would mean an acceptable solution regarding the word Macedonia, but not with “Macedonia” in English, according to the portal Index.

Now is the time for a decision to solve the 25-year-old name dispute over the name between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, UN mediator Matthew Nimetz said in Athens after meeting with the Greek foreign minister.

Athens has been very careful to ensure the name “Macedonia” becomes a Greek possession for tourism and historical purposes. Macedonia is the only country/former kingdom and empire in the world which has continuously kept its name from Biblical times. With the current Macedonian Government, Greece’s desires will likely become reality.

  • Its Just Me

    Why does not Greece simply rename its province??
    Why does not Greece allow the Macedonians in Greece to SPEAK MACEDONIAN..
    Leave the negotiations!!!

  • Heracleus

    What the modern “Greeks” really are?

    “The real Greeks disappeared even before the Slavic tribes arrived in the Balkans. Greeks had integrated into the Roman population. Slavic tribes settled near the Roman cosmos, and were Christianized by the Eastern Roman Empire. Their integration, following this event was inevitable. Roman (Byzantine) rulers could as well be South Slavs. Constantine, the last Roman Emperor was a typical example of the above. His mother, Helena Dragash was a Slav, from Kumanovo, modern day Republic of Macedonia, and his father, Manuel was a Roman (Byzantine) from Mystra, modern day Greece. Roman Emperor Flavius Heraclius Augustus, who was of Armenian origin, introduced the use of the Hellenic language to the Roman Empire in 620 AD. Previously and for 800 years, the state spoke mostly Latin language. It is a well-known fact that, when the Great Powers conferred Greece its conditional independence from the Ottoman Empire with the London Protocol of 1832, they had committed a serious mistake. The populations of the newly created state whose territory comprised of the Peloponnese and the lands south of Thessaly spoke mainly Arvanite (an Albanian dialect). Athens was indeed an Arvanite village. This had created a paradox. Although the so called ‘Greek’ revolution against the Ottomans was conducted by Orthodox Christians subjects to the Rum Millet (Roman Nation) of the Ottoman Empire, such populations being Arvanite, Slavic, Vlach, Armenian, Bulgarian (or simply Roman (Romioi) of Anatolia and the Middle East), it was only the educated people of the Millet that spoke and were capable of understanding Greek. Even the ones that spoke ‘Greek’, saw their language as ‘Romaic’, which they knew was different to the old Greek language, as the two were not mutually intelligible. Thus, newly established Greece was indeed a country with a Bavarian King and an Arvanite-speaking Romaic population with Ottoman habits! Finally, it is not a coincidence that the ‘Greek’ revolution was not declared in Greece! The ‘Greek’ Revolution of 1821 was declared in Jasi (Iasion), in North Eastern Romania (Moldavia), by Romanian Prince Alesandru Konstantinovici Ipsilanti.

  • Its Just Me

    Also genetically proven that we are 30% antic Macedonians.. whereas the Greeks have only 5%.. at 00:39 … :)))

  • Righteous blogger

    And what does VMRO DPMNE and SDSM say to that??? Has anyone asked them?