Greek Government to establish their own newspaper in Macedonia


Erol Rizaov an ethnic Turk with Macedonian citizenship who spent the last twenty years on USAid payroll as an “opposition” journalist, will now be the chief editor for a new online newspaper, project sponsored by the Greek Government. If Rizaov ethnic kin, Kammenos can be Greek DM, certainly Rizaov can accept a paycheck from Athens as well.

Greece has already established similar ‘projects’ in Albania and Bulgaria, and is now doing the same in Macedonia. Considering the dozen or so USAid funded failing news portals will turn their lights off by the end of the year, there is an opening of the door for another foreign sponsored propaganda newspaper.

This will be a Macedonian language newspaper, 100% financed by Athens. But there is a catch. All the Greek companies in Macedonia (Mermer Prilep, Vero, Skopje Brewery…) will be tasked to spend their advertising money on this online portal.

Rizaov’s crew will be comprised of well known anti-Macedonian lobbyists who have spent better part of their careers lobbying against Macedonia in Brussels.
Some of you already know the names: Slobodanka Jovanovska seen below with Belgian subversionist Peter Vanhoutte, and Lejla Sabit, better known as a TV presenter and Erol Rizaov’s unofficial wife.

It isn’t known what sort of success or effect the Athens sponsored project will have, however, if we are to compare it with the ‘success’ of USAid sponsored online newsportals, the Greek Government will be disappointed.