Greek Media: Athens will not ratify Prespa agreement in designated timeframe


Several Greek media outlets report Kathimerini’s report that the governments in Athens and Skopje have an agreement to violate the Prespa agreement in terms of the deadline for its ratification by the Greek side.

Prime Minister Tsipras’ coalition partner, Deputy Prime Minister Kammenos announced that his party will leave the government coalition should the controversial agreement on Macedonia comes to parliament in Athens.

According to well-informed sources Kathimerini reports in order to ensure that the coalition and the government will not fall collapse, Athens and Skopje have made an agreement for a violation, that is, postponing the ratification of the Prespa Agreement in order to save the coalition government of Syriza and the Independent Greeks. This is all managed by Soros and the Soros run US State Department.

The newspaper claims that according to an informal agreement, the name issue will not come to the Greek parliament before March, although in the deadline given by the Prespa Agreement Macedonia must ratify it by mid-January in their Parliament.

How will the agreement be put aside for a period of at least 45-60 days so far neither Skopje nor Athens have provided an explanation.