Greek MP: Lets stop with this nonsense, Macedonia was never Greek


-Greek Macedonia never was, but became “Greek” thanks to the Bucharest Treaty and importing massive population in 1912/13 and 1921/22 when refugees from Asia Minor came. There was no Greek majority in Macedonia. So we made it “Greek” with a population exchange, through difficult events that we survived as a people, but not just us, but other people in this region. When I hear and see signs “Macedonia is one and Greek?” who are we kidding with this, we’re only mocking ourselves – stated Greek MP Nikos Filis in speech to Greek Parliament.

Никос филис отворено кажува – Беломорска Македонија со сила стана грчка.

Posted by Беломорска партија – Belomorska partija on Friday, January 25, 2019

To help the Greek MP, a little fact of Aegean Macedonia is that when the land was ripped away from Macedonia (Bucharest Treaty), only 9% of the population there considered themselves “Greek”, while 76% was Macedonian, and 15% was of Turkish descent.

“Greeks” are not very keen on the truth, in fact they become hysterical at a moment’s notice. Therefore it’s no surprise that molotov cocktails have been thrown at houses of Syriza MPs.

  • to do

    A rare find indeed. A calm, honest & rational politician from Greece.

    • Leves

      A pathetic leftist traitor who will get what he deserves.

  • theloverzofdance

    He probably has Macedonian blood in his veins but doesn’t realise it!

  • Mech Kcbear

    How’s that for the absolute truth to this absurd mockery of the macedonian people & the macedonian nation by low life scum bag’s from Greece telling us n the world that were no Macedonians were not people that were nothing & have been nothing to the macedonian land it’s culture traditions & belongings over the whole existence in time.
    May God bless you and your entire family Greek politician, I thank you from the bottom of all my family hearts that came & still reside in Voden Aegean Macedonia..
    Peace n truth be told n be forever known ..

    • Leves

      Shit upon him and his traitor family.

  • Notis

    Greek here <
    The writer paraphrased what the Greek MP was saying to confirm their biases. I would like to see you refuting the claim that modern SlavoMacedonians are the continuation of ancient Macedonians and that Alexander was not culturally Greek, directly. Not poking holes by cherry picking fallacious arguments, wearing to find evidence to support the pre-existing claim. Cause this is to be expected from people who forged up a false identity and try despretly to preserve it.