Greek MP: Lets stop with this nonsense, Macedonia was never Greek


-Greek Macedonia never was, but became “Greek” thanks to the Bucharest Treaty and importing massive population in 1912/13 and 1921/22 when refugees from Asia Minor came. There was no Greek majority in Macedonia. So we made it “Greek” with a population exchange, through difficult events that we survived as a people, but not just us, but other people in this region. When I hear and see signs “Macedonia is one and Greek?” who are we kidding with this, we’re only mocking ourselves – stated Greek MP Nikos Filis in speech to Greek Parliament.

Никос филис отворено кажува – Беломорска Македонија со сила стана грчка.

Posted by Беломорска партија – Belomorska partija on Friday, January 25, 2019

To help the Greek MP, a little fact of Aegean Macedonia is that when the land was ripped away from Macedonia (Bucharest Treaty), only 9% of the population there considered themselves “Greek”, while 76% was Macedonian, and 15% was of Turkish descent.

“Greeks” are not very keen on the truth, in fact they become hysterical at a moment’s notice. Therefore it’s no surprise that molotov cocktails have been thrown at houses of Syriza MPs.