‘Greek’ psycho kills 63 year old Macedonian from Albania for defending Macedonia’s right to identity


Petrit Zifle, a 63-year-old ethnic Macedonian migrant worker from Albania who worked on a farm on the island of Corfu in Greece – was killed by a 44-year-old local resident after discussing Macedonia’s name in a cafeteria, reported local media.

On November 25, Zifle, known among the locals as “Petros”, joined a debate on the adjacent table, where all the non-‘Greeks’ were defamed and racially abused during an argument about Macedonia. The joining by Zifle into the conversation caused disturbance at the cafeteria, and the victim left the premises after threats by locals that he would be killed.

Later, a 44 year old Golden Dawn (Nazi) member ambushed Zifle as he was walking down the road, killed him with a hunting rifle and dragged his body into a ditch along the local road between Dragotin and Spartha, three kilometers from Lefkimi, where the murder took place.
There, the following day his body was found by a local resident traveling by car.

Police resolved the murder after previously spending five days searching the seabed for a weapon. The breakthrough came after the police uncovered a piece of hunting rifle at the scene of the murder which led them to the culprit.
The killer admitted to the murder and was detained.

  • Car Samoil Ohrid 🇲🇰

    Where is the justice, cannot even speak your own mind, you get killed when you mention Macedonia, do you call that freedom, I cannot get my head around what’s this fucken fashist zajko is doing to us , we’re just getting rapped in front of the whole world, and no one is standing up to the fucken kopile,

    • Legenda Patriot

      I totally agree. What the f.ck is going on? What use is United Nations? Where is our defence of our rights to exist as an ethnic identity? Such disgusting filth and not one mainstream media story about this ethnic genocide, corruption and foreign meddling that is just unprecedented. I mean for f.cks sake. Someone do something!!!!!! Exterminate these pieces of shit! And what will the Greek Govt do about this f.ckwit who killed an innocent man? Nothing! Will it even get a mention anywhere in the world?

      • Golden shekels

        UN is the seat of Lucifer

      • Ioannis

        As an ethnic Greek I have to say that this man is a lunatic and does nog represent Greece and Greeks. May he rot in jail. Violence, intimidation and murder is not an option ever. We need to try and understand each other and have more dialogue instead of violence and propaganda. I understand that most citizens of FYROM a have been raised to believe one thing and is Greeks have been realized to believe the opposite. I grew up learning about Alexander the Great and how he spoke Greek and fought for Greece against Persia. Dialogue is what we need….

  • Golden shekels

    we are fucked if we dont stand up and throw this criminal government out

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Illinden 2019 will be the end for them.

    • Golden shekels

      it needs to be earlier

  • Only Liberty Matters

    May God bless this brave man may he rest in peace. Petrit Zifle has more balls than the entire population of Macedonia.