Greek security services give out flyers calling for ‘independent Aegean Macedonia’?


According to, leaflets appeared in the area of Lerin and Seres, Aegean Macedonia with content that calls for Autonomy of Aegean Macedonia in Greece.

The leaflets have been signed by an unknown organization calling itself VMRO United and they are calling on Macedonian brothers from Aegean Macedonia to unite for Autonomy of Aegean Macedonia.

The news about the leaflets was first published by the Macedonian newspaper IlindenĀ  which is based out of Albania.

Greek daily Kathimerini admits that this could easily be the work of the Greek secret service to portray ethnic Macedonians in a negative light particularly after the BBC report.

The leaflet does contain some rather strange spelling errors that an ethnic Macedonian wouldn’t do.

  • Smith And Wessen

    Yes and yes will dream of our Macedonia united coz it is the turth and the grerks are worried and they should be

  • Golden shekels

    looks like a zio plot, the bbc just put out a article about agean macedonia. remember macedonia has no freinds

  • neutrinoz

    It puzzles me why BBC retracted with addendum to the documentary. To indulge grrrks only?
    When was the napalm first time used after WWII? By who?