Gruevski again shows he truly doesn’t understand the role of Government


VMRO-DPMNE’s leader Nikola Gruevski conducted an interview with Skopje based Alfa TV, which was likely spearheaded as a result of the murder attempt on former Health Minister Nikola Todorov, however Gruevski used the interview to expand and elaborate on other topics as well.

During majority of the interview, Gruevski focused on the investments done in the Health Care, and there is no question investments were made – new hospitals, improved hospitals, new equipment, sending doctors abroad to learn the basics of being doctors, this is all good, no one disputes this. It is also true that no Health Minister can prevent the deaths of seriously ill people. The fact that zombie ordes in the SDS abused each and every single death to vilify VMRO-DPMNE MPs and Ministers says a lot about them and how low they will go.

Gruevski then continued with the usual rhetoric of all the investments they have made since 2006, subsidizing farmers, new daycares, sport halls etc. He also touched up on a touchy subject within his party, and that is ‘reorganization’.

What was striking about the entire interview is that Gruevski continues to be as delusional as ever. For instance, he discussed how his Government was undermined by western centers (US/NATO, EU), only to end his point that the country’s strategic goal is to enter EU and NATO. It appears that Gruevski is now infected with Zaev’s syndrome, where he contradicts himself in the same sentence.

Gruevski, first and foremost, and quite sadly doesn’t understand the basic role of a Government. It’s not the primary goal of the Government to build daycare centers or monuments. The main role of a Government is to protect its citizens rights and freedoms, the second is fairness and social justice. Since 2006 – 2017, Gruevski failed utterly miserably in this area.

The VMRO-DPMNE undermined the security of the entire country, became a laughing stock at home and abroad when it allowed Soros paid drug addicts and SDS activists to set up tents around Government buildings, blocked streets for 8 months, not letting ambulances and ordinary citizens go through, burned down the president’s office, caused untold damage to private and public property. The police led by VMRO-DPMNE was told they are not allowed to protect the public or themselves, so the police itself took a beating even though this is the #1 duty of a functioning state, to protect the public!

Not a single person was jailed! In what country is the police beaten?

Fast forward to few weeks ago, eight protesters who stormed Parliament within days were jailed by the new SDS police boss simply because they wanted to prevent treasonous lunatics from singing a foreign national anthem in our Parliament? Selective justice is injustice. VMRO-DPMNE’s response to the madness was for their MPs to sing the national anthem!? Someone spending too much time in daycares?

Despite having a truck load of evidence of SDS treasons, few were detained (Verushevski, Zaev), but were quickly freed following a single phone call from the US Embassy, thus showcasing VMRO-DPMNE as weaklings, with which anyone from the outside can have their way with, and we mean anyone, including an assistant to the assistant of a US Deputy.

Gruevski, and we know you read us, you are a weakling. You don’t store food supplies at home for bad times if you’re not armed. You’re essentially storing food for your armed neighbor who will take it away from you.

Nobody cares about your daycares or sport halls when you failed to protect the common citizen whose rights were trampled day in and out for years now.

For two years, the Constitutional Court refused to rule on the legality of the Przino Agreement and the SPO. At what point as Government do you actually govern, take action and fire the corrupt judges who had frequent meetings with the US Ambassador, so much so, one of the judges’ son now works for the SPO! Again, you don’t understand the role of the Government. Or perhaps you do, but are afraid to act, which is even worse.

In the interview, you talked of reorganization. Here is a suggestion: change the name of your party, and remove the VMRO part of it, this would be an excellent start. I believe you’ve embarrassed the likes of Goce Delcev, Pitu Guli, Dame Gruev, Sandanski enough already. Besides, your party no longer represents anything the VMRO stood for.

Speaking of a reorg, I don’t believe Gruevski knows what the word reorganization means. A typical reorg requires fundamental change. All of the quislings sitting in your party need to go, and we mean the entire IK. Replacing several minions at county or city level will accomplish precisely nothing. The top needs to go, the fish stinks from the head, not the tail.
Moreover, whoever wrote that idiotic memo that Gruevski read on prime-time news of how you’re going to handle Soros NGOs and never allow a Zaev led Government… probably needs to go. What a joke! What happened to that memo by the way?

VMRO-DPMNE is excellent at keeping promises dealing with items of no substance (daycares, monuments, buildings…), but not so good with anything on national interest and security, surrendered every single time.

Also, with what VMRO-DPMNE and Gruevski have done in the past four years, and all the treasonous acts you signed, Gruevski should be the first to go as part of the reorganization. You’re now part of the Crvenkovski club who’s got multiple capitulations behind his name, except he did it for money and you, what for? Sure hope it was for money and not get closer to your strategic partners?

But the scary thing is, Gruevski will likely be replaced by an even bigger quisling (better not be Gjorchev), so it may be a good idea for Gruevski to stay on, as the lesser evil.

  • V.M.

    Marija, I’d appreciate if you nominate yourself as the head of VMRO-DPMNE, clearly you’ve got more balls than Gruevski ever will.

  • Billy

    It is for the reasons Marija listed, the VMRO-DPMNE would never be in a position to recruit a decent Macedonian, a patriot.
    Anyone with a shred of conscious would have quit the party volontarily after the Przino surrender.
    For what did the policemen die in Kumanovo, so you can betray them?

  • Goran Stavreski

    Well, Gruevski did remove himself from the coup by going to Vienna, didn’t want to be part of the fiasco, he knew what was coming. Neither him nor Ivanov had the guts to get the police or the army to stop it, even though by the Constitution they are REQUIRED to do so!

  • LXV

    The spineless cowards at DPMNE have continuously betrayed the national interests of Macedonia ever since the Hague Verdict. It was their duty as patriots to withdraw from the “talks” with HellAss and withdraw all membership applications to those “Western” organizations that refused to honor the verdict and unblock Macedonia’s admission.

    Macedonian intellectuals and ordinary people on the streets have openly demanded this, but the detached DPMNE leadership pretended not to listen, bathing in its hubris emanating from their “strategic partnerhips” with the likes of Mitko Burchevski, Slobodan Bogoevski and Zoran Verushevski. The treason of April 27th, in which DPMNE plays a major role, was the last nail in the coffin of DPMNE’s veracity and trust. I hope and pray for a new political grass-roots movement that will send DPMNE in the history, where they clearly belong.

  • Pavlina Pikova

    Only politicians become presidents, sad but true. I believe that now is the time that all Macedonian (wherever they are) should stay together, not attacking each other but work together against our enemies, that took our rights and freedoms. N. Gruevski personally and as premier has definitely weak points but he managed many good things to happen in Macedonia like nowhere else on the balkans. and maybe that’s why he has to go away. An alternative is not always the best solution. p(l)s Macedonian patriots should have their website on Macedonian language (too).

  • Elena Opasini

    Excellent article Maria.