Gruevski: If we had elections, we’d win, but only if we had them


VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski reiterated Tuesday that early parliamentary polls should take place in parallel with local elections. VMRO-DPMNE, he said, will definitely win the elections.

Gruevski urged on October 15 – the date put forward by representatives of the political parties when local elections should take place – snap parliamentary polls to be organized, too.

“In principle, the parties, i.e. their representatives, have agreed local elections to be held on October 15. I hope SDSM this time will not change their mind, which the party has frequently done in the past once they realize they are losing support. I hope they will reconsider the proposal over early parliamentary polls, which is VMRO-DPMNE’s demand. With scheduling snap polls, a lot of political developments which have taken place after the (December) elections will come to light, while the citizens will be given the chance to have their say regarding the actions of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE in the aftermath of the elections,” Gruevski told reporters during his visit today to the Skopje municipality of Kisela Voda.

He said he hoped everything would ‘turn out all right.’ “October 15 was the closest date that could have been accepted by SDSM in the talks. I hope VMRO-DPMNE, the victor of the December elections, will also win the local elections,” stated Gruevski.

Three years ago, Serbian analyst Misha Gjurkovic on national TV in Belgrade stated “there isn’t a single authentic news outlet in Serbia, all are under western/NGO control”. Now we know he was right.

Today, we can say a similar thing about Macedonia.
VMRO and SDS have both changed the constitution and are actively participating in the destruction of the country. In Macedonia, there isn’t an authentic Macedonian party that represents the Macedonians.

  • V.M.

    I was admitted to the party as a high ranking member in 2011.
    Two days later, I got the chance to speak to several VMRO MPs, I officially quit the party that day, with a notorized document.
    VMRO MPs (if that’s not clear already) are very, very dangerous. With 1 or 2 exceptions, they are cowards, traitors and corrupt. Their primary goal is money, their talk of “protecting Macedonia” is just talk, they are simply riding the VMRO’s brand from the early 1900’s.

    As I said, this people do not represent the VMRO. VMRO today is just a name, a private company. MP Gjorchev in particular, I spoke to him, this man is a vagina (sorry ladies, I know some of you are quite brave). The scary thing is Gjorcev is groomed to replace Gruevski.

    SDSM are dangerous, but not as dangerous as VMRO because SDSM are openly traitors. Whereas VMRO are doing their treason behind closed doors. Both parties need to be destroyed, so not a shred is left of them. I wished I recorded the conversation I had with them, 6 years later, still upset that these cowards have the VMRO logo in their offices.