Gruevski interview with Sitel: Pre-arranged Qs, takes no responsibility for anything


Walking through Budapest shopping malls has caught up with former PM Nikola Gruevski who has now spent more than two months living in exile in the Hungarian capital.
In his first public interview since his escape to Budapest, Gruevski opened up about his new life. Well, sort of.

The interview conducted by Skopje based Sitel TV host Slavica Arsova was terribly staged, with obvious pre-determined questions and responses. At no point did Arsova pose a question that could and should have ruffled Gruevski’s feathers.

Her entire focus was how he crossed the border? How about, who cares! This was followed by “You have been offered a job to work for Hungary’s National Bank? Again, who cares!
How about this question, since it deals with the most recent investigation: Your cousin that you refer to as Mister Mijalkov was recently uncovered to have stashed away 1 Billion euros in Cypriot Banks. He has “accumulated” this wealth during your time as Prime Minister. If he has 1 Billion and you were his boss, how many Billions have you put aside, and more importantly how did you and your cousin earn this money?

This would have been a more appropriate question. However, it became clear from the onset that the interview was staged, with pre-determined questions and answers. To make matters worse, Gruevski quipped he is thinking of writing a memoir of sorts which would contain many answers there! Then why have the interview? It appears the entire interview was done from a self promotional aspect than anything else.

There were many questions that Arsova should have asked, but never did. There was no mention of the sheer insanity that led to Zaev being installed as Prime Minister where Gruevski was 100% responsible for all of it.
– Why was Zaev not immediately arrested when he blackmailed Gruevski in his own cabinet to give up his PM slot because Zaev was backed by foreign powers!
– Who gave Gruevski the permission to sign Przino 1, Przino 2 and introduce parallel judiciary systems within Macedonia, undermining the constitutionality of the Republic.
– Why did Gruevski allow the US Ambassador to twice postpone and set dates for Macedonian elections, until the field was worked and bribed sufficiently..?
– Any responsibility for recruiting traitors in his party, along the likes of Rangelova, Dimovski, Ismailoska, Arnaudov, Mukoski…
– Under whose responsibility falls Kavadarci mayor Mitko Jancev recruited by Gruevski who switched sides from DPNE to SDS?
– Why did DPNE made multi-million dollar donation to Hillary Clinton after she lost the elections to Trump!?!? What sort of idiot does this?

One can list 100s of questions here that were never asked…

In his interview, Gruevski defended his cousin “Mister Mijalkov”, telling Arsova that Gruevski is not aware that his cousin had influenced DPNE MPs. This, essentially is all you need to know of what and who Gruevski is.

At no point in time during the interview Gruevski took any responsibility for anything that is happening in Macedonia. Often Gruevski would state that he wanted and asked us to give him 61 MPs, but we didn’t during the last elections and the name change as a result of it was our fault!? It’s always everyone else’s fault and not his own or the DPNE MPs that he appointed which ended up selling the country in Parliament.

And what did Gruevski do in 2008 when he had 63 MPs in Parliament and the SDS had 27? Nothing, the Budapest refugee actually expanded the Ohrid Agreement and granted more illegal privileges to albanians outside of the agreement.

Today, the (CIA)NDI-coached DPNE is asking us to vote for their presidential candidate, in fact all they are doing is trying to reach the census the same way during the Referendum. Things would be way better if we give in, they say. But, whose candidate is fikus Ivanov? He won the elections representing DPNE, he is YOUR candidate! He is in office now, has been there for a long time, what did he do to prevent the annihilation of Macedonia?

When you put money and party first, and not your country, you will be a man without a country. Ask Gruevski.
One would be a fool to cast a vote in the presidential elections, not when criminals are running the show. There is no choice, it’s only their choice.

  • Tony

    There all dogs

  • Goran Stavreski

    Gruevski is like Mickoski…. each time he opens his mouth, I have less respect.

  • junio999

    What a coward.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Total avoidance of any responsibility. He allowed criminal corrupt turds to start destroying our country years ago. No one realised, at the time or didn’t want to see it. The truth eventually does surface.

  • neutrinoz

    It was time somebody says things clear as tear. Congrats. Waiting for next well deserved vivisect.