Gruevski moves away from DPNE offices, private office in TC Paloma Blanca


DPNE’s honorary president is no longer visiting the party’s HQ where he had an office, instead Gruevski is renting space at TC Paloma Blanca in Skopje.

No sign is visible at his office, however according to local media, Gruevski has had the office for at least a month and is visited often by him and former party officials who are still close with the ex DPNE leader.

Gruevski now rarely visits DPNE’s HQ. There is new blood at the party, and with the likes of Aleksandar (London) Nikolovski and Vladimir Gjorchev, the new DPNE looks more and more like the SDS.

  • Its Just Me

    He should form a new party.. a better one than SDS and VMRO..

    • LXV

      Sure, he’ll surely do it if he gets a-ok from his Kale puppetmasters.

      In case Grujo is looking for name suggestions, I propose V#RO (Traitorous) / В#РО (Предавничка)!

  • Connie Repopoulos

    Gruevski, was great for Macedonia.He and his family were probably threatened by the US, thats why he backed away as leader, he loves his nation but doesn’t want to have his family murdered by the CIA, cant blame the guy. Years ago he was in Toronto, Cananda at a church and he told a group of people that the US holds the government hostage if they dont play ball they will unleash the Albanian terrorists from Kosovo. This kind of dirty tricks is played all over the world the US is a rogue evil nation that will do whatever it takes to complete there agenda.