Gruevski: New Government to satisfy only ambitions of party leaders


The composition of new government, proposed by PM-designate Zoran Zaev, has been set in a rush to satisfy the appetite of parties’ top officials, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski told reporters on Monday.

The election of new cabinet’s members has not been made on the basis of expertise and experience, he said, pointing out that many of them during their previous posts had been involved in corruption affairs.

‘Hence, we can’t say that it will be a reform government. It can only be an anti-reform cabinet that has been proposed to be illicitly approved by the Parliament,’ Gruevski says.

SDS members, who have suffered electoral defeat and do not enjoy the citizens’ support, will now hold governmental posts to create policies and decide on Macedonia’s future, the VMRO-DPMNE leader said.

SDS has proven that it doesn’t intend to work seriously on reforms, as the party has relinquished the spheres of justice and health care, it says that are in urgent need of reforms, to the coalition partners, Gruevski said.

He also criticized SDS for failing to nominate ministers for attracting foreign investments and the diaspora back into the country.

Gruevski on the other hand, has received an earful from his party’s membership, not many expected he would foolishly remove himself from office with signing the Przino Agreement. It is one thing being naive, but that was taking naivety to a whole new level. Unless of course, as many now suspect, the entire ‘fiasco’ was pre-arranged.