Gruevski not sure if Zaev knows what 500km is


VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski dismissed several claims his political opponent Zoran Zaev from the SDSM party made as he was announcing the future SDSM led Government. During a visit to Makedonska Kamenica, Gruevski mocked Zaev’s promise that, if he gets to form the next Government, he will build 500 kilometers of new highways in Macedonia.

“To build 500 kilometers of highways in Macedonia is the equivalent of building a completely new highway from Kavadarci, through Veles, Skopje and all the way to Belgrade. This is the type of promises Zaev makes, and we should be happy if he meets 10 percent of all what he is saying. In reality, it is all a major lie, just like previous promises from his party that they will find jobs for at least one person from each family”, Gruevski said.

Gruevski also strongly condemned the SDSM proposal to abolish the monthly fee paid to maintain the Macedonian public radio-television MRTV and several other broadcasting institutions as a populist move which would only make MRTV more partisan and dependent.

“Economic problems of the citizens are solved by bringing in new investors and reducing the numbers of unemployed citizens which then forces employers to offer higher wages. That is the way we were improving the standards of the citizens. Living standards are not improved by abolishing a fee which will only be substituted by lump transfers from the budget, and which will undercut other, important investments. It will lead to full Government control over MRTV. If SDSM want an independent broadcaster, it should be allowed to float on the market and fund its operations from commercials”, Gruevski said.