Gruevski resigns his MP post via FB


Former Prime Minister, MP Nikola Gruevski, informed Saturday in a Facebook post that he resigns from his seat in Parliament.

The strategy of SDS is visible in its everyday failures, crimes, mass corruption, numerous unfulfilled promises, nepotism, and a myriad of other weaknesses trying to conceal them by imposing false information and thesis with an obvious obsession with me – wrote Gruevski on FB.

In the past, SDS did not save money and other resources in the direction and goals of my denigration, belittling and creating a false image of untrue things, such as that I was the prime minister who was against the EU, against NATO, against the Albanians in Macedonia, or that I had embezzled people’s money, going to that extent with lies that I was convicted of corruption. They hired dozen independent analysts, journalists, editors and other propagandists to appear in the media, most of them in one way or another secretly or openly paid precisely with people’s money with the sole task of spreading false propaganda against me and against DPNE.

However, although the law, the constitution and the international documents are on my side, I will not allow our party and lawmakers to be exposed to any pressure, false propaganda, inconvenience and media lynching for me and my mandate by the government and its apologists. I do not want to give SDS the opportunity to use this topic to avoid the debates about the essential issues and problems that affect the people and to hide their criminal policies. Hence, I decided to resign from the seat in Parliament and I will inform the Parliament about my decision in the coming days.