Gruevski sentenced to two years in jail


Zaev’s friend, judge Dobrila Kacarska dished out two year jail sentence to former prime minister Nikola Gruevski over the purchase of a bulletproof vehicle used by the Government.

I agree with Gruevski’s sentencing, but not over the fraudulent case built by Zaev’s prosecution team.

Gruevski deserved a jail sentence for the following reasons:

  1. Signed the unconstitutional Przino Agreement where he effectively removed himself from power despite being elected by the general public.
  2. Approved the introduction of an illegal prosecution team (SPO) controlled by the US Embassy, thus creating a parallel judicial system controlled by a foreign nation. This carries the death penalty in civilized countries.
  3. Gave control of the police and the SEC to SDSM before the elections thus ensuring fraudulent elections.
  4. Gruevski did not have the courage to obey Macedonian laws and jail Zaev.

Any and all of the items listed above should result in Gruevski heading to jail, as he openly broke laws and the Constitution, all in an effort to earn points with Macedonia’s overlord, US Saboteur Jess Baily.

Gruevski’s defense will launch an appeal, but certainly Baily’s Court system will ignore and nullify any forthcoming appeal.
Another quite unsurprising event was the lack of protests. And this was obvious as well. The DPNE sold their people, the people took notice and reacted the way one would expect – ignored the DPNE.

If Gruevski received a 2 year sentence, by the same logic, Zaev should be put away for 2 lifetimes.