Gruevski’s attorneys to quit proceedings if Court continues breaking the law


– If you continue with this treatment, we will have to quit all proceedings because we can not help our clients, the lawyer Doncho Nakov addressed the trial chamber headed by Judge Goran Bosevski during yesterday’s trial in the “Trajectory” case where defendants are Nikola Gruevski, Mile Janakieski, Vladimir Peshevski and Ljupco Georgievski.

Attorney Dengov also reacted to the treatment of the Court, stating he has never seen such an illegal and chaotic political trial, where the Court breaks its own laws on daily basis.

The Court began a hearing without a record from the previous hearing, and, as a rule, there was a blatant aggressive attitude towards the defendant’s lawyers by the Court.

Lawyer Nakov asked the Court to abide by the law. He pointed out that he was in court every day and requested a record from the previous hearing, but there never was a record.

-How could we decide on steps and provide legal assistance without an official Court record. The legislator determined this right in order to prepare the prosecution and the defense. How can there be a hearing without a record, pointed out Nakov.

He asked for a postponement of the hearing, adding the record is a legal obligation, not a remedy.

“Apply and follow the law, I will give up the case if you do not provide fair conditions for the trial,” Nakov told the judge.

  • Its Just Me

    GREAT NEWS!!! Yes!!!

    • Legenda Patriot

      Where is the Court case up to for Zaev’s extortion charges against the shop owners in Strumica?

      • Goran Stavreski

        Got postponed for a 20th time last week.

      • Its Just Me

        yes, where is it?? 🙂