Gutless Gruevski can’t say Local Elections are Invalid


Gutless Nikola Gruevski lists dozens of cases where electoral fraud has occurred during the local elections some of which are astonishing (police vehicles carrying SDS activists with cash to be handed out to voters, ballots issued by SEC in some cities with the names of SDS candidates already circled – keep in mind these are official SEC ballots!, then Gruevski goes on and on discussing all the fraud that took place.)

But, in the end he doesn’t have the guts to say the elections are invalid and won’t be recognized as such…

In the past, SDS quit Parliament during democratic elections. DPMNE can’t quit when the fraud is obvious simply because they are not allowed to do so by DPMNE’s western ‘partners’.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Keep in mind Baily has Gruevski right where he wants him, by the balls. His passport was seized for no reason, but it was done to create psychological pressure and to keep him calm. And calm he is.