Hahn admits DPNE clowns have agreed to name change in Parliament


The DPNE role was always the one of “opposition”, no matter how bad they played it, particularly before, during and after the failed Referendum when even top DPNE officials were not pleased with the outcome, meaning they would have to continue pretending they were patriots.

However, EU Commissioner¬† Johahnes Hahn put an end to the charades earlier today when he accidentally admitted that DPNE’s head clown Mickoski has been very cooperative visavi the Prespa Agreement in Parliament. In all fairness to Hahn, we have all noticed DPNESDS cooperation in Parliament, the problem was that certain Macedonians still live under the illusion that the daycare center that is the DPNE somehow represented them.

DPNE’s VP Aleksandar Nikolovski has repeatedly stated on TV, “it’s a done deal”.

Watch Mickoski’s body language: this is what a Defeated, Subordinate individual looks like.

These, these are not the faces that you’d want to call to help you move a couch. Are these the faces that will help Macedonia? The first one works for the British Ambassador, the second pees a little when he gets a phone call from the US Embassy. The third is just happy to be there. Sellouts.