Hahn: North will enter the EU, maybe in 25-30 years


EU enlargement in the Western Balkans is one of the priorities of the European Union (EU), and each country will be treated separately, according to its achievements, EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn stated in Vienna during a press conference.

After meeting with the leaders of the Western Balkans, Hahn said that the simultaneous entry into the EU of the Western Balkan countries is not possible, but that all six countries have a European perspective.

The presser was part of an official working breakfast for the prime ministers of the Western Balkans, organized by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Kurtz at a press conference said that, by the end of the EU Presidency, when it comes to the issue of the Western Balkan countries, the focus is on three things; the region’s path to the EU, the necessary regional co-operation and the resolution of bilateral conflicts in the region.

In terms of integration, by 2030 first on the list are Serbia and Montenegro, while by 2045 Albania and Macedonia could join as package, while Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina would wait another decade or so.
It gets better and better.

  • Tony

    By the time it comes the EU WILL BE DISINTEGRATED!!!!!!

  • Legenda Patriot

    Pompous imbeciles. This is what morons who are destroying our country, our culture and identity are aspiring to. F..ckwits.

  • Wolf

    Maybe really means never.

  • byblos

    The Western Balkans should never look at being part of the European Union anyway. Neither does Europe genuinely want it (the EU’s powerhouses want it for their benefit, not for the benefit of the potential aspirants. They are better off forming a customs Union with the Customs Union / CIS – countries that don’t put them down and see them as third rate slaves. After all Serbia, Macedonia have different mentalities, values and culture to Western Europe that are more similar to its eastern slavic nations.